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Cape Royale Marina

Boat Slips -

Marina slips are available for short and long term rentals. Contact the Marina office at 936-653-2628 for additional information and availability.

Marina Store -

The Marina Store carries some of your most important items like ice, sunblock, cold drinks, sunglasses, snacks and more.  The store is located at the end of Pier C on the water.

Marina Gas Pumps - 

The Cape Royale Marina Store has non-ethanol gas pumps that are accessible 24/7.  Credit and debit cards only.  *Please remember to turn off your engine while fueling and no smoking while you're at the pumps. 

(Memorial Day Weekend - Labor Day)

Monday - 9A-5P
Tuesday - 1-5P
Wednesday - 1-5P
Thursday - 9A-5P
Friday - 9A-5P
Saturday - 9A-5P
Sunday - 9A-5P

(Day after Labor Day - day before Memorial Day)      

Monday - 1-5P
Tuesday - Closed 
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - 1-5P
Friday - 1-5P   
Saturday - 9A-5P
Sunday - 9A-5P


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